Do You Own a Drivable Relic From the Good Old Days?

Restore or repair your classic automobile in Livingston, MT

You have a thing for classic cars, but you don’t know the first thing about restoring them. If you have a classic automobile that you’d like to restore, visit Montana Hotrod Shop in Livingston, MT. We offer repair and restoration services for classic cars and trucks, as well as race car fabrication services.

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3 reasons to restore your classic car

Restoring your vehicle is a great way to watch the past come to life before your eyes. Here are a few reasons to have your classic car restored:

  1. Enjoy driving your own piece of history
  2. Drive a vehicle that’s unique on the road
  3. Start a collection or show your vehicle in an auto fair

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Work with experienced classic car restoration specialists in Livingston, MT

Montana Hotrod Shop is an automobile restoration shop located in Livingston, MT. We have been in business for over 30 years, completing restorations, making repairs and providing the best treatment for classic cars. We use the latest diagnostic technology to determine what changes and repairs need to be made to your vehicle, and we record the restoration process photographically so you’ll know exactly what has been done to your vehicle.

Choose Montana Hotrod Shop to modify your classic automobile.

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